Accordion Hurricane Shutters Installed In South Miami

Accordion Hurricane Shutters Installed In South Miami

Today we installed accordion hurricane shutters for a client in South Miami. We were able to go through the city, and association in less than two weeks. From start to finish it only took us two weeks. As we do with all of our installations, we installed at 7″ anchor spacing to achieve pressures at +95 -95. By reaching these pressures, the accordions will withstand winds of up to 184+ MPH. Come Irma, Andrew, or any other catastrophic hurricane, this house will be protected.

The Work

We removed the panels as a courtesy to our client. This added more work, but we put our clients first. In the front of the house, we put the accordions all the way around the moldings to offer the best protection. You can put the accordions on top of the molding and use build outs and cut out pieces of the frame to lay flat, but we go all the way around to ensure best protection. On the sliding door we used a floor track so they don’t trip over the track, we also had to climb over the balcony rails because the client is barely home and wanted the job done. For the two small windows, we were extra careful not to break any shingles, and we installed those very quickly. In the rear, we had a little difficulty because the windows open horizontally, and are really big. Therefore, one side stacks more blades, making it very heavy. We were able to manage the weight properly and safely install the accordions. All the accordions were installed with the lock on the inside and in the proper place to ensure easy closure when those storms start coming. All in all, everything went smooth and was finished quickly. There are times were things can go wrong, but we were lucky enough to have measured and ordered all the openings properly.

Features & Benefits of accordion hurricane shutters:

  • Reduces inventory
  • Its design improves tolerances
  • Improved fit and appearance
  • Rapid response to storm threats – closes quickly to protect your opening in the event of a storm.
  • Convenience – no more putting up, taking down or storing panels.
  • No storage space needed – permanent installation of accordion shutters frees up valuable storage space. Puts an end to putting up and taking down storm panels through out the season.
  • Provides added security with choice of either inside or outside locking mechanisms.
  • Available in colors of White (WH), Ivory (IV), Beige (BG), and Bronze (MB).
  • Unobstructed View – in the open position the accordion is equally stacked to both sides which offers a full view.
  • Energy efficient – In closed or semi-closed position accordion reflects sun�s harsh rays and provides shade.
  • Privacy – In the closed position the accordion shutter restricts ability to see into the opening.
  • Increases value of your property- Permanent hurricane protection is seen as an upgrade to your property.
  • Minimal Maintenance- aluminum construction needs only occasional washing as needed and regularly scheduled lubrication of plastic rollers and locking mechanism with a silicon based product.
  • Code approved for most areas

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Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Miami
Front of the house before we started working
Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Miami
Front of the house after removing panels and installing accordions
Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Miami
Side of the house after installing accordions
Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Miami
Back of house with one accordion installed, panels still on the other
Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Miami
Back of the house with accordion shutters installed and panels removed

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