Compare Storm Windows and Different Accordion Shutters

Compare Storm Windows and Different Accordion Shutters

Hurricane season is inevitable in South Florida, so it is best to be prepared for the worst. When shopping around for protection for your home, it is wise to look into all aspects of window protection. This helps protect your home from debris that can damage the interior of your house. At Exclusive Accordion, we have everything you need to ensure that your home is protected from the storm. We offer the most reliable accordion shutters Miami has to offer. Get in touch with us right now!


What is Hurricane Glass?

Hurricane glass is essentially, glass that can withstand outside forces such as heavy wind and debris. Although more on the expensive side, it is definitely a feature you want to consider to protect your home. Luckily, it is more common today to have new houses and business already equipped with the proper glass installation. It is very practical. Hurricane glass limits the need for hurricane shelters. The glass is made up of several layers or laminated glass, which offer more protection.


Accordion Shutters Miami Residents Should Consider

When shopping around for proper window and door protection for homes, be sure to overlook all possible options to find one that better suits your home and wallet. There are a handful of options. A good idea would be to weigh out the options.


The cheapest of the hurricane shutters are storm panel hurricane shutters. They are typically made up of steel or aluminum, which ensures their strength. They are made up of panels are corrugated into each other to where each piece overlaps the next for maximum durability. They are cost-efficient and an easy solution to keeping the interior of your house protected.


The next option to look out for is accordion hurricane shutters. These come in usually one or two pieces that are housed beside the windows when they are not in use. They don’t require extra storage space and can easily be assembled by one person.


Another option to consider is colonial hurricane shutters. These shutters are two-pieced louvered shutters that attach to the wall. They fold together. They don’t take up any storage space and are also decorative, which gives you the opportunity to beautify your home.


A final option of shutters to protect your family from a hurricane are Bahama hurricane shutters. They are a one piece louvered shutter that attaches above the window. They can be propped up to provide shade when necessary. When you are ready to prepare for a storm, you merely just lower them and secure to the wall. These shutters are easily assembled by one person.


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Here at Exclusive Accordions, our experts are here to serve all your hurricane needs. We know exactly what you need for home protection. We specialize in various hurricane windows, including the best hurricane and accordion shutters Miami, Florida has to offer. We are a full-service company who have a quick turnaround. We have been in this business for many years, so you can trust us to get the job done efficiently and accurately. Connect with us today!

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