How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family

How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family

Although we don’t like to think about bad things happening, they still do. An emergency situation can occur at any time, so it’s crucial to be prepared in order to best protect yourself and your family. During a crisis, people often panic because they don’t know what to do and it’s very difficult to keep a clear head. Having an emergency plan helps you know the best options, because there usually isn’t enough time to research all your options while an emergency is at hand, and split-second decisions are usually made without considering all facets. To protect your home and family against extreme weather and strong winds, consider hurricane shutters. Exclusive Accordions provide accordion shutters Miami trusts to protect their windows and property from strong winds.


Steps During an Emergency


The first thing to do when determining a course of action for emergency situations is to have a talk with your family. Sit down with your partner, children, and other family members and make a list of the most likely types of emergency situations that tend to occur in the area you reside in. If you live in Florida, hurricane evacuations should be on the top of your list, and you probably don’t need to waste your time preparing for an earthquake. Exclusive Accordions provides accordion shutters Miami residents can use to prepare for a hurricane. An emergency kit is crucial for every home, as you never know when it can come in handy. You and your family should prepare an emergency kit and keep it well-stocked/fresh so you can use it whenever needed. This kit should include items such as nonperishable food (canned items, crackers, dried noodles and jerky) and water, medical necessities in a first-aid kid, batteries for flashlights and radios, a radio of some sort to signal for help if needed, and more. If your power or water go out, you’ll want to have food items and fresh water at hand to prevent dehydration and hunger, especially if there is some sort of a situation where you are trapped in the house. Keep the emergency kit in a conveniently reachable place, and make sure every member of your household knows where it is located, especially the children.


Emergency Plan Responsibilities


Don’t forget to include your pets in your emergency plan as well, as pets can become like family and it can be distressing to lose them, especially if you can prevent such loss with a tag, an animal tracking device, or food for your animal. Assign responsibilities to each member of your family so that they know what to do when an emergency occurs. During difficult situations, everybody will need to pitch in as it can be overwhelming. Knowing what to do during an emergency situation can also help keep everybody, including children, calm. One child might be responsible for grabbing the pet and their supplies while another takes the emergency kit to the vehicle if needed. For hurricanes especially, you need an evacuation plan. There should be multiple places to go in case roads are blocked or more than one place is affected. Make sure your emergency contacts and shelters are up to date.


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It is essential to have an emergency plan in times of crisis, especially in hurricanes. Part of hurricane proactivity is to protect your windows with shutters. Call Exclusive Accordions today for accordion shutters Miami residents trust.

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