Selecting Exterior Storm Windows For Your Coastal Home

Selecting Exterior Storm Windows For Your Coastal Home

You recently just purchased a beautiful home on the beach. It is basically your dream home you have always wanted. There is nothing about this place that you would change. In your opinion, it is the best home in Miami. But then you think. It is Miami. What does that mean? Storms are bound to threaten the home and destroy all the beauty that you are proud of. It is time to protect your home with the proper exterior storm windows and accordion hurricane shutters that will ensure that your home remains intact. Here at Exclusive Accordions, we know exactly what your house needs.


Get The Right Window Installation

Storm windows are hardworking house add-ons that defend against the elements and make homes more energy-efficient. Most commonly used on single-pane windows, storm windows act as moisture barriers, heat retainers, sound-proofers, and protectors of existing windows’ millwork, glazing, and seals. Because they are affordable, functional, and available in an array of styles, glazes, and materials, exterior and interior storm windows are often chosen as a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive replacement windows. An exterior storm window, which is mounted to the outside of a house, is easily installed by handy do-it-yourselfers. Interior storm windows are simple inserts that require nary a carpentry skill.


Types of Exterior Storm Windows

  • Two-track configuration
    • Which is used for double-hung windows—has an outer track that contains a half-screen on the bottom and an outer glass pane on the top. Neither screen nor pane slides up or down. The inside track contains an inside pane, which can be raised to allow fresh air to enter through the screen.
  • Triple-track storm window
    • Which is designed for double-hung windows—is configured with two window panes and a half-screen resting in separate tracks, which allows each component to move singly and lets you move the screen section to the top and windows to the bottom to better capture breezes.
  • Two-track slider storm window
    • Which works with slider-type windows—operates like a two-track storm window but in a horizontal fashion.
  • Basement or picture-style storm windows
    • Long, narrow rectangles that boast a single pane of glass, which is secured with thumb latches.


When shopping for exterior windows, you should check that corner joints overlap for strength. Overlapped joints are preferable to mitered corners, which are not as strong and may allow air to seep through. Quality storm windows should also have adjustable ventilation stops on the inside track and glass and screens that can be removed for easy cleaning. The frames should sport pre-drilled holes to ease installation and good weather-stripping features that make windows as airtight as possible. For increased energy-efficiency, opt for windows with low-emissive (low-E) glass. The treated glass keeps heat out while letting natural light flow inside. We also suggest installing accordion hurricane shutters for extra protection.


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When it comes to which exterior storm windows are best for the protection of your home, we know what will work best. Trust us. Exclusive accordions have all the storm windows and accordion hurricane shutters you need. Call or contact us today for more information.

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