What Permits Need To Be Pulled For Exterior Window Shutters

What Permits Need To Be Pulled For Exterior Window Shutters

When the hurricane season is just around the corner, homeowners take all the safety precautions needed to protect their homes from the severe harsh winds and flying debris. Exclusive Accordions is a market leading hurricane shutter provider that specializes in accordion shutters in Miami. You might need permits if you are looking to install exterior window shutters. Contact us today!

Permits for Exterior Window Shutters

If you are willing to install hurricane shutters for windows, it’s essential for you to submit a complete application that is in compliance with the Florida Building Code. Include all information in the application about the size of the windows and doors, the materials used in windows and the type of shutters to be installed. The Florida Building Code will issue the permit to you if you meet all the guidelines required for installation of permanent or temporary shutters.

Building Permit for Hurricane Shutter Installation

Installing shutters on your property is a major investment but it will help protect your home from damage when the hurricane season hits. Florida Building Code requires all homeowners to get installation permits for any shutter installation. Regardless of the shutter style or color, you will need to get a building permit from Florida Building Code. The building permit will be issued by the Florida Building Code after an approval by other departments. To get your building permit you will need to have:

1. Notice of Acceptance or the product approval number

2. Drawings developed by a certified engineer with accurate calculations of the wind load

3. A complete assessment of the entire property

4. A full and complete blur print of the entire home

5. Highlight all the windows and doors that require hurricane shutter installation in the blueprint

Include a Complete Floor Plan

Include a complete floor plan that indicates all the windows and doors that requires a hurricane shutter installation. Attach at least three copies of the worksheet that includes information about the types of shutters you are willing to install. The Florida Building Code will issue the permit based on the information and documentation attached with your application.

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