Know The Florida Building Codes Before Choosing Your Window Protector

Know The Florida Building Codes Before Choosing Your Window Protector

We live in Miami. You know what that means? It means there is most likely a hurricane that is going to involve us next summer. It happens almost every single year. Whether it is an actual hurricane or a massive rainstorm, we need to keep our homes protected. Wind can destroy a home and potentially lead to the complete destruction of your house. At Exclusive Accordions, we want to take every measure to avoid that from happening. However, the first step is to understand Florida building codes. This is very important for proper hurricane shutter installation.


Do You Know Code?

Building Code in Florida is broken up into eight major sections. The sections that apply to the replacement of a door or window are building residential, existing building, and energy. When replacing a door with an impact door or window, you must first comply with the current building section. The requirements to receive a permit include minimum standards in the structure and materials used as well as the planning and paperwork you must be provided with before the installation commences.


Planning With Florida Building Codes

A contractor must provide a building permit application and notice of commencement for projects that have a value of $2,500 or more. This application must include a detailed description of the proposed replacement of windows and doors on a floor plan. The floor plan must describe the location, the sizes and all dimensions of all the impact front doors that are being installed. This is why you should have a professional deal with all the jargon that comes with hurricane shutter installation.


Time For Approval

Each impact window or door must be approved by the State of Florida or Miami Dade. Each type needs to come with a product approval number and also the name of the manufacturer. It must also come with detailed instructions on the attachments method of the door.


According to section 604.1 of the Building Code 2007 Existing Building Section, when or if you replace a door or window form a residential dwelling, you can only reduce the existing clean opening dimensions by a maximum of five percent. This can’t be negotiated. The only exception is if the replacement door complied with the current Florida Code regulations.


Wind Power and Your Windows

All replacement windows and doors must comply with the minimum 130 miles per hour wind-speed resistance specification. This also applies to sliding doors and windows. If you install impact protection shutters on your replacement door and window, it must have an approval number from the State of Florida and an evaluation report from the manufacturer.


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Be sure to understand how Florida building codes work when you get hurricane shutter installation.  Exclusive Accordions, we strive to ensure your safety. We know how vulnerable Miami residents are to these natural disasters and our mission to make sure you are safe during the next storm. We specialize in various hurricane windows, including our accordion shutters wholesale. We do it all. We sell impact windows, door, panels, accordions, shutters, and astroguard fabric. We are a full-service company who have a quick turnaround. We also offer the most competitive pricing. Call us today!

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