Accordion Shutters Offer Home Hurricane Protection

Accordion Shutters Offer Home Hurricane Protection

Although we are still far away from the beginning of our next hurricane season, it is never too early to start making upgrades in your hurricane home protection. The massive amount of beauty that Florida has to offer can almost be outweighed by the devastation of a precariously tracked hurricane. If you are in the Miami area, let Exclusive Accordions help you choose the right accordion hurricane shutters for your home. A little extra protection goes a long way.

Why Protection is Important

Most Floridians know how vital it is to protect windows and doorways from the dangerous wind of a hurricane. What many do not know, is that if these openings are improperly protected and the wind rushes in, with enough speed, pressure, and duration, it can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of the building. As a result, the walls could fall, or the roof could literally pop off the house. For most homeowners, taping or nailing plywood to the windows seems to be the most popular option. Plywood is good if it is attached and sealed properly; tape is never a good option. It does not help the structural integrity of the window, and will not help if heavy wind or debris breaks it. The best way to protect your doors and windows is to reinforce them with durable materials. For example, bracing garage doors or adding shutters to the windows will help drastically.

Different Types of Hurricane Home Protection

When trying to decide on the kind of shutters to purchase, there are many options. Honestly, many of the reinforced shutters are pretty expensive to install, however, compared to the damage that could be caused without them, it is definitely worth it. There are some things to take into consideration when choosing what kinds of shutters are right for you. Obviously, every hurricane path is different, but certain areas are almost always in the path and sustain those dangerous winds nearly every time a hurricane gets close. How close your home is to these areas could help determine just how heavy duty you should go. Also, your budget will assist in the selection. Finally one of the most essential elements is, of course, your style. Yes, these shutters are meant for protection, but they should also be something you will enjoy looking at all year. Different styles of window protection include:

  • Accordion hurricane shutters
    • These shutters slide from side to side across the window and slide and fold into a box in the side of the window when not in use.


  • Bahama accordion shutters
    • These attach at the top of the window and have the option to swing out and be propped open from the bottom. They offer shade on beautiful days and are a cool, stylish addition to any home


  • Colonial and panel shutters
    • These shutters that attach on each side of the window and close over the windows like doors. They offer protection with a classic traditional style


  • Roller shutters
    • These are similar to the accordion shutters, in that they are easily stored away when not in use. These roll from the top to the bottom of the window. When not in use, they are rolled back up into a box installed at the top of the window. While most of these are mechanically run, they can also be run by hand in case of a power outage.


  • Impact windows and doors
    • If shutters are not a viable option for your home, these high-impact solutions might work best. These doors and windows are made from heavy-duty materials and installed with protection against the worst elements.

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When installing hurricane home protection, it is not something that should be taken lightly. For more information on accordion hurricane shutters and other options to protect your home, call or visit Exclusive Accordions in Miami.

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