5 Common Myths About Hurricane Protection

5 Common Myths About Hurricane Protection

Exclusive Accordions in Miami knows that there are so many prevalent hurricane myths in the state of Florida that it can get confusing telling what is the truth and what is not. As a leading expert in accordion shutters Miami trusts, we know how to tell lie from truth, and we seek to educate our clients so that they can make the right decisions for their families.


1. Taping Up Windows Works


Taping does nothing to prevent a window from shattering. In fact, it is only going to make things worse. This is because the tape is going to keep the window from shattering into smaller pieces. That means that when the window does shatter–which it still will regardless–it will shatter into much larger pieces that will hold much more danger than the smaller pieces did. Taping windows is only going to leave you with a huge mess to clean up afterward.


2. Opening Windows to Stabilize Pressure


This myth stems from a fear that people have of the hurricane causing enough of a change in pressure to actually cause their windows and other exits to explode. However, opening the windows does not help. In fact, it causes more damage. This is because allowing the wind to come into your home simply allows it to search for an equally damaging exit out of your home. It is much safer to keep the windows closed because chances are good that the building that you are in is not airtight anyway so the pressure will escape through other means without your help.


3. Only Boarding Up Windows that Face Water


Hurricanes are rotating storms. Just because the water is in one direction does not mean that the hurricane will only affect that one direction. Winds will affect your house from many different directions. Additionally, the winds are the last thing that you have to worry about. The main concern when it comes to boarding up your windows is that small debris could cause the window to shatter.


4. Leaning Against a Window to Stop it From Shattering


You do not want to be the hero that saves your windows. If there is a wind that is strong enough to break your windows, it is likely it will hurt you too. You cannot win out the wind if your window could not. Rather than charging at it, make sure to get as far from the windows as possible to avoid hurting yourself.


5. Hurricanes Only Affecting the Coast


Hurricanes are powerful storms and they can make it far inland before they fully dissipate. This means that they are more than capable of hurting your home even if it is not on the coast. Additionally, hurricanes have a huge range of storms. Just because the eye of the storm is nowhere near you does not mean that the winds and storms are not either.


What to Take Away from These Hurricane Myths


Hurricanes are natural disasters and they cannot be taken lightly. Do not believe all the hurricane myths you hear about these storms and try to cheat your way out of fully protecting your home. As with anything, safety is always first.


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