Hurricane Panels Provide Insurance Savings

Hurricane Panels Provide Insurance Savings

Over the years, Florida has seen its fair share of devastation hurricanes: Charley, Wilma, and Irma all impacted Floridians no matter their location. And those who were well-prepared with hurricane panels were able to save costs on insurance. Florida insurance companies offer exclusive discounts for those who are prepared for the annual hurricane season (which runs from June 1st and winds down on November 30th). Those who do not invest in appropriate home protection make themselves liable for potential damages. It also takes away their right to claim these discounts.

While investing in storm shutters may seem trivial after the season is over, it is vital to prepare ahead of time. This gives your insurance company the chance to inspect your property to grant you access to insurance discounts and it ensures that your family is safe for future hurricanes. Exclusive Accordions in Miami, Florida offers premium hurricane protection services. Contact us today to get a quote!

Here are a couple things you need to know about hurricane shutters and insurance savings:

Gain access to the Florida discount.

When it comes time to renew your homeowners insurance policy, be sure to review your policy carefully to see what you have covered. Because Florida homes are overtly prone to storms that can demolish your home, you want to book your policy on a worst-case scenario basis. Your home is more than likely your biggest investment. Now is the time to make sure it is protected. Plus, the more protection you implement into your home for hurricane season, the more discounts you will be able to claim after the storm. However, you will need to inform your insurance companies if you have installed hurricane shutters so that they can inspect it. Most insurance companies are aware of Florida discounts; however, they will not move forward with any claims unless your property have been properly inspected by a mitigator. Only then will they give the go-ahead to move on with your claim.

Your claim will be reduced if you do not have hurricane panels.

You read that right. Those who have accordion hurricane shutters installed over all of their windows are able to claim a discount with their insurance company. However, failure to install these protections means that your insurance company might reduce your claim by the amount of that discount. According to Citizen Property Insurance Company, not using those shutters during a storm can result in a reduction of your claims benefit if your house is damaged.

Do not skip the door.

Even if all of your openings have been covered with hurricane shutters except for one side door, you can say goodbye to the discount. If you have twenty windows and five doors that grant access into your home, you need to have all twenty-five equipped with some form of hurricane shutter protection. Accordion hurricane shutters are highly recommended sources for your windows and adding shatter-proof glass won’t hurt either. In fact, these extra precautions will help in claiming your discounts.

Ready to have your hurricane panels installed? Call Exclusive Accordions in Miami and ask about our accordion hurricane shutters.

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