Hurricane Proofing Your Home With Hurricane Screen Protection

Hurricane Proofing Your Home With Hurricane Screen Protection

We are still in the zone for primetime hurricane season, and Floridan’s know the importance of investing in hurricane screens for this time of year. There are a lot of steps involved for hurricane proofing your home such as stocking up on food and water, making sure you have candles or plenty of batteries for flashlights, and maybe even a backup generator. After you have taken care of you and your family’s necessities, it is time to think about protecting your home from damaging hurricane winds. Whether your home encounters a tropical storm or a category five hurricane, contacting professions for hurricane shutter installation will be your top priority. At Exclusive Accordions in Miami, Florida we have see far too many homes damaged do to ill-equipped protection and we want to make sure you and your home are safe during these terrifying times.

Below are the three main factors you should protect if a hurricane is headed for your home and how to do it.


Tie Down Your Roof


Depending on the strength of the storm and the condition of your house, you may want to consider considering tying down your roof. In the event your roof is town off during the storm, then the interior of your home will become accessible to unwanted outdoor factors such as rain, debris, and bugs. You can tie down your roof using heavy duty construction adhesive or hire a professional to do the work for you. They can install roof tie downs and anchors so that your roof is less likely to get wiped out during the hurricane.


Get Hurricane Screens for Your Windows

Your home becomes undeniably vulnerable during a storm. And while your home should offer you adequate shelter from hurricanes, the best way to keep yourself safe is to get screens for your windows. Your windows present a dangerous liability during a storm in that it can be damaged from debris or even from the high mileage winds. If you live in Florida, you should have protective screens for a forecasted hurricane. Period. There should not be a single home or building in Florida without the protection of storm shutters. Thankfully, there are plenty of storm shuttle services to go around. So, whether you are new in town, or you are just now noticing that your home does not have storm shutters, contact us at Exclusive Accordions to talk about your hurricane shutter installation.


Make Sure Your Doors Are Storm Resistant


Like your home’s windows, your door can be a hazard to you and your family if it is not properly maintain. You can ensure your safety by making sure that all of the doors in your home are storm resistant. This is important for the front and rear doors and especially your garage door. Your garage door is made out of lightweight material that will be the first thing to be destroyed during a hurricane. You will want storm resistant doors to make sure all of the belongings inside your garage do not get ruined.

If your home is not equipped with hurricane screens and you are in need of hurricane shutter installation, contact Exclusive Accordions in Miami, Florida today!

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