How Adding Hurricane Shutters For Homes Increases Property Value

How Adding Hurricane Shutters For Homes Increases Property Value

When it comes to making the decision on whether to purchase hurricane shutters for homes to help with property value, there are many facts you should know. At Exclusive Accordions. We are well respected for our knowledge of hurricane shutters Miami remodelers and homeowners Miami utilize when making their investment decision. Hurricane shutters DO in fact add value to a property. Read below to learn how your home will benefit from installing shutters.


The Benefits of Adding Hurricane Shutters


  • Hurricane shutters provide added security with a choice of either inside or outside locking mechanisms. With a lock and key, these provide a secondary hurdle for any thief trying to break into your home. Closing the hurricane shutters is quite easy. SImply pull the inside panels towards each other and once the lock and hole overlap, simply turn the key and voila!

  • Energy efficient – In closed or semi-closed position accordion reflects sun’s harsh rays and provides shade. Another benefit that buyers enjoy is how the accordion shutters block out the heat form the hot Florida outdoors. The materials we use for all of the shutters we offer at Exclusive Accordions are of the highest quality. The corrugated metal ensures longevity and is thick in order to withstand harsh weather conditions. This is the ideal barrier against heat and moisture, which helps to save money on electric bills when utilized to cover large sliding glass doors, doors, and windows.


  • Increases the value of your property- Permanent hurricane protection is seen as an upgrade to your property. In Florida, potential buyers really enjoy seeing hurricane shutters as the number of hurricanes that come about yearly is astounding. Hurricane shutters gives more peace of mind and increases a properties value.

  • Home insurance companies will provide discounts ot homes that have hurricane shutters properly installed throughout the home. This is a well-known fact that can help you save money with your policy. As soon as you own a home with this feature, you will be eligible to receive a discount from your provider as this helps to keep your investment safer against the harsh florida climate.

Hurricane Shutters for Homes Help With Selling a House

For the best in hurricane shutters Miami residents turn to Exclusive Accordions because they know that we only work with the highest-quality manufacturers and take our work seriously. When it comes to selling a house, having properly installed and attractive hurricane shutters is an important selling point in the Florida market. As the facts mentioned earlier in this post show, it not only protects one’s investment, but it help to save money in other ways.

When working with a realtor, make sure that they highlight this feature. Ensure that you have copies of all shutter lock keys handy and that the accordion shutters are mentioned during showings. This is a unique selling point that can help in convincing a buyer that this home is the best use of their resources.

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If you are ready to increase the property value of your home and experience savings in the long run, contact us to receive a great price on high-quality hurricane shutters Miami residents recommend. We look forward to helping you select the style and color to best suit your home and keep it safe from harm. Sell your home faster with this benefit or enjoy the peace of mind you will experience during the next severe storm or hurricane. Contact us today!

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