A Guide to Hurricane Shutters

A Guide to Hurricane Shutters

Florida is a state especially prone to Hurricanes. Hurricanes can devastate infrastructure and cause serious damage to your home. One way to protect your home from such damage is with hurricane shutters. These shutters are easy to install over your preexisting windows, so you don’t have to purchase and install whole new hurricane impact windows, which is not only hugely expensive, but can be difficult to impossible depending on the type of windows your home has originally. There are many types and styles of hurricane shutters to fit every kind of window and home. Their versatility and aesthetical needs make accordion hurricane shutters a great choice for every Miami home. Exclusive Accordions has been servicing the Miami area for years and offers quality, affordable shutters to protect your home and property. Call us today for a quote and consultation!


Types of Hurricane Shutters


Hurricane season brings heavy winds, extreme storms, power outages, and flooding. Florida homeowners need to be proactive and be informed about how to best protect their home from extreme weather conditions before the storm actually hits. One economical and efficient solution to protect your window openings from the storm are hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters can be installed over any windows and are loved for their aesthetic versatility- there are so many colors, styles and customizable options. One type are the Bahamas Hurricane Shutters. These are one-piece louvered shutters that attach above the wall, and when you want shade, can be propped open. If a storm blows through, they can be lowered and secured to the wall. Bahamas shutters are easy to operate for one person if you’re living alone, are permanent so you don’t have to replace them for many years, and provide plenty of shade in the open-position. Living in sunny florida, you can get shade to keep your house cool and still let in light! They are also a top choice due to how aesthetically pleasing they are.


Another kind of shutter are Colonial Hurricane Shutters. These are two-pieced louvered shutters that open and close like french doors to protect the window and attach to the wall on each side of the window. These are very stylish, easy to maintain and close. Accordion hurricane shutters are one of the most popular styles that Exclusive Accordions sells, because some designs can be locked to keep out thieves. These one or two piece hurricane shutters are stored beside the windows when they aren’t being used, and during a storm unfold in an accordion style to cover openings.


Other Hurricane Shutters


Aluminum or steel shutters are also an option. Storm panel shutters are constructed of aluminum or steel and attach to the walls around the windows and doors on bolts or tracks. These panels are extra secure, because they are corrugated and each piece overlaps the next. There are three styles of storm panel hurricane shutters to choose from, each with different constructions and strengths.


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Hurricane shutters can protect your home and property during a storm. Exclusive Accordions offers competitive pricing on accordion hurricane shutters and more in the Miami area. Give us a call today!

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    Sarah Smith

    I really appreciate your information that Bahama shutters are easy to operate for people who are living alone and are permanently affixed to the house. That would be very helpful for my mother, who moved to Florida last year. We’ll start looking into buying her some Bahama hurricane shutters to replace her current hurricane shutters.

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