Why People Prefer Hurricane Shutters Over Hurricane Windows

Why People Prefer Hurricane Shutters Over Hurricane Windows

For those Miami homeowners who are looking for a way to protect their houses from harsh weather, they should make use of hurricane shutters, especially the ones by Exclusive Accordions. Before the hurricane season starts, you need to be prepared ensuring proper protection of your house. Among hurricane window protection options, impact shutters and windows are found to be the most popular choices by homeowners. Now the question arises, which one to choose between the two? Contact us to know!

Hurricane Shutters Vs Hurricane Windows

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, you want nothing more than to make sure your house and your precious family are protected from flying debris and heavy winds. Especially for homeowners living in South Florida, they have to make the life-saving decision of choosing between hurricane windows and shutters. Although both offer security and protection against the strong hurricane winds, people prefer to use impact shutters for their windows as they offer reliability at an affordable rate. In the case of hurricane windows, homeowners have to face the issue of replacing their existing windows with a sturdier window glass and frames that can endure the strong wind and projectiles.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home from Collapsing

When the strong and powerful winds of the hurricane break the windows and force their way into your house, they most often also blow away the roof of your house. This is one major reason why many houses collapse during the hurricane season. Accordion hurricane shutters are just as tough as the strong winds of the hurricane. With easy installation, you need to fasten the shutters to your windows properly. Unlike hurricane windows, you can easily install the shutters over the existing windows. You will require the help of another person since hanging these shutters calls the need for no less than two people. When the hurricane season passes by, you can easily remove the shutters from the windows. Accordion hurricane shutters are available in many styles appropriate to your home style, needs, and more importantly, your budget.

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If you are searching for the ultimate window protection from hurricanes, the wise choice for you would be to install hurricane shutters to protect your house against the flying debris and strong winds. You can find a range of different types and varieties of hurricane shutters at Exclusive Accordions. Contact us to learn how we can be of help and provide service to you.

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