6 Hurricane Tips Miami Locals Should Consider

6 Hurricane Tips Miami Locals Should Consider

Florida has one of the highest rates of hurricanes hitting in the United states- and no wonder, with so much coastline on the peninsula, tropical storms and heavy winds can batter homes and destroy infrastructure. The most important thing you can do to protect your home and family against a hurricane is to be prepared. Some hurricane tips from the National Hurricane Center note that two key factors contributing to weather safety during hurricanes are advance preparation for risks as well as acting on those preparations in a timely manner when alerted. For Miami residents, it’s crucial to have a plan of action during a hurricane as well as being proactive about protecting their homes. Hurricane shutters are an affordable and efficient way to protect your window openings from flying debris and wind. For quality hurricane shutters and hurricane shutter installation, call Exclusive Accordions today.


Planning for a Hurricane


Hurricane can cause a storm surge, which is an abnormal rise of water generated by the storm’s winds. A storm surge can reach heights well over 20 feet and can continue over hundred of miles of coastlines, forcing people to evacuate. According to the National Hurricane Center, evacuation planning should be number one on the list. Find out today if you live in a hurricane evacuation area, which is any area in which a hurricane will force residents out of their homes. Your local Florida government will provide you with information about evacuation areas and contingency plans, so it’s important to review this information in advance so you know what to do. All of this information is available online or at your local government center. A smart idea is to test the evacuation route in good weather to familiarize yourself so if a hurricane situation does arise, you can evacuate efficiently.


Even people who reside outside of hurricane evacuation zones are recommended to look into safety precautions during a hurricane. One such measure is to protect your windows from strong winds with hurricane shutters. Exclusive Accordions offers premium hurricane shutter installation to prevent flying debris from entering your home.


Hurricane Tips


The most essential thing you can do to prepare for a hurricane is to stock up on supplies well in advance, and keep those supplies refreshed and in a convenient place should evacuation be required. During a hurricane situation, grocery stores get extremely packed and they often run out of supplies, making it crucial to purchase supplies in advance. If you live in a hurricane evacuation area, you should prepare a hurricane kit and keep it stocked. Store your kit somewhere convenient to grab on the go and make sure everybody in your family knows where it is. Evacuation shelters do have supplies, but often during a severe storm shelters can get overrun and run out. Your hurricane supply kit should include fresh water, nonperishable food, blankets, and a first-aid kit, etc.


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Hurricanes do happen, especially in Florida, so it’s important to be prepared. Take measures to protect your Miami home with these hurricane tips. Keep your windows safe with hurricane shutters. Call Exclusive Accordions today for hurricane shutter installation!

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