How To Control Your Storefront From Hurricanes

How To Control Your Storefront From Hurricanes

It seems that people are so concerned with protecting their homes while a hurricane approaches. As they should be. However, what about their business properties. There is much to lose, if not more when it comes to damage and destruction. Here at Miami Accordion Shutters, we have exactly what you need to keep your business protected from the harsh winds of the storm. We are your go-to destination for storefront and commercial hurricane window protection.


Remember Last Year?

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that these storms can quickly evolve in ways that we can’t anticipate. Once the storm hits, you are not in control of what is to happen. It is pretty much a gamble. But what you can do is ensure that your business is ready when it happens. Remember, these storms can are devastating so make sure you are properly prepared to expect the worst.


Protect your assets. Your assets are everything you need to consider to keep your business running, or at least get back up to speed quickly after a hurricane. Systems, equipment, technology, supplies, products, and facilities are just a few of the assets at risk during a storm. Threats include not only flooding and high winds, but gas shortages and power surges and outages. Do you know the easiest way to avoid these assets from getting damaged or destroyed? Accordion shutters.


Hurricane Window Protection Is Not All We Offer

We offer a wide selection of material and products that will keep your storefront protected. We are not limited to only accordion shutters wholesale, but we also provide other essential items to keep your business safe. They include the following:

  • Accordion hurricane shutters
  • Astroguard Hurricane Fabric
  • Bahama Accordion Shutters
  • Colonial Shutters
  • Impact Window
  • Impact Doors


Our manufacturers are of the highest quality. That is why we can provide such great, long-lasting products that will truly keep your investment protected in the event of a hurricane. Our manufacturers are CGI and Bertha. They were carefully selected after trying many others and finding that their quality was not up to par. You can feel confident in knowing that we have chosen the best quality manufacturers. Miami Accordion Shutters should always be your number one choice.


Contact Us Today

At our company, Miami Accordion Shutters, we strive to ensure the safety of your storefront with our hurricane window protection. We know how vulnerable Miami business owners are to these natural disasters and our mission to make sure you are safe during the next storm. We specialize in various hurricane windows, including our accordion shutters wholesale. We do it all. We sell impact windows, door, panels, accordions, shutters, and astroguard fabric. We are a full-service company who have a quick turnaround. Ordered your accordion shutters wholesale Monday? We will have them installed by Thursday. We also offer the most competitive pricing in South Florida. We have been in this business for many years, so you can trust us to get the job done efficiently and accurately. Call us today for more information.

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