Save Money, Don’t Buy Impact Resistant Windows!

Save Money, Don’t Buy Impact Resistant Windows!

If you live in a hurricane-prone state like Florida, you may be thinking of ways to protect your home from potential storm winds and flying debris. With hurricanes being a common threat, especially in the past few years with Irma and Katrina, protecting your property and family has become more important than ever. Hurricane shutters are an affordable, efficient, and stylish way to protect your window openings from storm winds and airbourne objects. Compared to impact resistant windows, hurricane shutters are not only less expensive but a lot more versatile. They can be installed over any of your preexisting windows and customized to your specifications, versus hurricane windows that are difficult or impossible to fit into certain types of window frames. Hurricane shutters can also provide added security and lower your insurance premium, making them a prime option. Exclusive Accordions has years of experience installing hurricane shutters Miami can trust, so give us a call today and protect your home!


Best Types of Hurricane Shutters


During a hurricane or storm, one of the most vulnerable areas of a house are the windows. Flying debris can fly through windows, hurting those inside. What could happen after is just as dangerous, as a broken window during a hurricane can create significant pressure in a house and blow the roof of. There are many different types of hurricane shutters out there, with different constructions, styles, and functions. Keep yourself informed so you can go and find the best ones for your needs. The best kinds of hurricane shutters are those that protect your home from damage and your loved ones from injury. There are several things to look for in hurricane shutters Miami residents should keep in mind. Firstly, they should conform to the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) standards related to hurricane resistance. The SBCCI develops the International Building Code, which the Florida Building Code, or FBC, is based on. Hurricane shutters should also meet the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials, which have certain standards for exterior windows and impact protective systems like shutters.


Hurricane Shutters are More Versatile Than Impact Resistant Windows


Hurricane shutters come in a variety of types and have more versatile designs that hurricane impact glass. Once you’ve made sure SBCCI and ASTM standards are complied with, you have several different kinds of hurricane shutters to pick from. Roll up hurricane shutters provide maximum security and durability, often made out of materials like aluminum and steel. Accordion shutters feature interlocking blade systems that can fold into a discreet size when not in use. Because you can stack them tightly, your window will be unobstructed when you’re not using them. Accordion shutters are ideal for larger windows or glass doors. Other types of hurricane shutters include Bahama shutters, Colonial hurricane shutters, and more.


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Be proactive and protect your Miami home from possible storms. Impact resistant windows are not the only option when it comes to securing your window openings, and hurricane shutters can be a less expensive, more versatile choice. Call Exclusive Accordions today for hurricane shutters Miami residents rely on.

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