The Difference between Accordion and Panel Shutters

The Difference between Accordion and Panel Shutters

Hurricane shutters are an extremely beneficial and compulsory part of your house especially in cases where you are a resident of one of the most hurricane and storm-vulnerable cities such as Orlando. As there are a variety of these shutters, how would you know which to choose that works for you the best?

There are panel shutters and then there are accordion hurricane shutters, but here at Exclusive Accordion, we will provide you with exactly what you require.

How are Panel Shutters any Different from Accordion

Although they both serve the same purpose of protecting your window openings from storms and are both comparatively more economical options than some other options in the market, there still are some varying differences that might influence your choice.

Let’s take a look at the different functionalities of Panel shutters and Accordion shutters to understand better what might work for you best.

Panel Shutters

The panel shutters are either made of steel or aluminum, that need to be bolted around the windows and doors with steel channels and track. These shutters need to be slided-in by the homeowner each time there’s a storm coming. Storm panel shutters are overlapping pieces that are corrugated; however, there are quite a few styles of panel shutter styles to choose from. The problem with these shutters is that they are often too heavy for a single person to install them, but they have the following positives:

  • One of the most inexpensive of all the hurricane shutter systems
  • They are not permanently fixed, so being removable, they do not entirely change the look of your house
  • Strong enough to provide excellent protection to the windows and the doors of the house
  • They don’t take up too much space as you can slack them together when putting in storage

However, there may be some inconveniences in their usage as well, merely because:

  • The deployment of the panel shutters can take up a lot of your time, if the storm is already here, the winds can make it rather difficult to put them in place
  • The removing and aligning back again process can sometimes result in not lining up properly
  • The sharp edges may be by far the only worst thing you can imagine, especially if you have children around the house
  • Handling can be difficult as they are heavy and hanging them can require more than one person to do the job

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

These are either one or two-piece hurricane shutters that are a permanent solution for the owner of the house. Accordion Hurricane Shutters are attached to the sides of the windows or the doors. They are attached with boxes bolted on each side that can fold these shutters in an accordion style just as the name suggests. Some good things about Accordion include

  • Permanent fixing besides the windows and doors do not need any storage space that you need to worry about if you have insufficient storage space in your house
  • Even one man alone can pull them down in case of a hurricane and you are ready
  • Some accordion hurricane shutters come with a key and lock, which allows them to be used for protecting your house against robbery or theft.

Apart from their relatively considerate usability, there may be certain cons to them that you may want to consider

  • The Accordion Hurricane Shutters may be expensive as compared to the panel shutters
  • Accordion shutters permanently alter your house’s façade effecting its design. It is best that you consider the aesthetics of your house and find the shutters that match with your house’s design
  • Often times these can be bulky, unattractive and appear out of place on the windows and doors because of the storage boxes it is attached with.

An option that is available for both the Panel Shutters and Accordion Shutters is that some retailers sell panels that allow the light to enter the house depending on the material that has been used. If the material is translucent, light will be allowed to enter otherwise, the traditional shutters are made of metal due to which the light is blocked out.

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Both Panel Shutters and Accordion Hurricane Shutters have their advantages and disadvantages and in helping you to choose the best for you, Exclusive Accordion is ever ready with their services. Connect with us today!

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