Have you been searching “hurricane shutters near me”? Exclusive Accordions has the hurricane shutters Miami residents trust to protect them from a storm. As Floridians, we must make sure that we are prepared in the event of a hurricane so that we can keep our families and our valuables safe. Make sure to begin preparations early and contact us at Exclusive Accordions today.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

The hurricane with the highest wind speeds ever recorded reached its peak wind speed at 215 miles per hour. For most homes, this is enough to blow off roofs, shatter windows, and destroy siding altogether. However, our accordion hurricane shutters are able to withstand winds up to 260 miles per hour. They offer the highest quality protection as well as energy efficiency, and they add value to your home. If you are looking for the hurricane shutters Miami residents trust to protect their homes in the event of a hurricane, we at Exclusive Accordions are your source. We offer reasonable pricing for our hurricane shutters so that you can get the protection that your family deserves at a price you can afford.

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Impact Windows and Doors

Getting a beautiful home with wide windows that look out onto the outdoors does not have to be sacrificed for safety. With impact windows and doors, you can get the safety that your home requires to keep everything in place in the event of a hurricane while also still allowing you to create the open, bright space that you want. At Miami Accordion Shutters, we offer CGI, which is a company based out of Doral, and they have a huge warehouse with a showroom attached that is open to the public for you to see the products for yourself.

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Storm Panels

Storm panels are a cost effective alternative to most other hurricane protection options. At Exclusive Accordions, we offer galvanized and aluminum panels installed with either anchors or tracks to make the preparation as easy as possible when a storm does occur. For those who may not be able to consider hurricane shutters, storm panels may still be a viable option.

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Best Manufacturers =The Highest Quality

Our manufacturers are of the highest quality. That is why we can provide such great, long-lasting products that will truly keep your investment protected in the event of a hurricane. Our manufacturers are CGI and Bertha. They were carefully selected after trying many others and finding that their quality was not up to par. You can feel confident in knowing that we have chosen the best quality manufacturers. When you are searching online for “hurricane shutters near me”, Exclusive Accordions should always be your #1 choice.

Are You Searching For “Hurricane Shutters Near Me”? Contact Us

our family and your home are the most important things in your life, and being prepared for a hurricane can help to keep them safe and protected in a dangerous time. Start your preparations early so that you do not have to worry when hurricane season arrives. You do not have to waste your time searching for “hurricane shutters near me,” and scouring the web for hours, simply contact us at Miami Accordions Shutters today to find out more about the hurricane shutters Miami residents trust to keep them safe.

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