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You have many options when you choose a hurricane protection program for your home. Colonial shutters from Miami Accordion Shutters is one of your best options. As one of the best providers of hurricane shutters Miami has to offer, we know firsthand what is necessary for you to protect your home and give your family the best chance of staying safe during a storm. If you are looking for hurricane shutters for your home and you would like to begin exploring your options with a professional, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Miami Accordion Shutters to get the help that you need.

Are You Looking for the Hurricane Shutters Miami Recommends?

We at Miami Accordion Shutters value our customers and we know that, for many people, appearance is as much of a concern as functionality. Colonial shutters are a perfect mixture of these two. They allow for the home to have protection from hurricanes as well as other seasonal storms without ruining the overall appearance. If you are interested in learning more about them or you would like to have them installed in your home, contact us at Miami Accordion Shutters.

What Makes Colonial Shutters Great

Unlike many other options for hurricane protection systems, colonial shutters are actually beautifully appealing and can add to the appearance of your home rather than detract from it. You can leave your colonial shutters open and give your home a charming and quaint appeal. Then, when you close them, they function as a way to keep your home protected and to give you unparalleled privacy. They are also designed for ease of use so that you do not have to struggle to get them in place when a storm does hit. Rather, these types of shutters are made so that anyone can use them regardless of strength or familiarity with the shutter systems.

Visually, they are available in a number of different styles such as an open louver, solid back and board, and batten styles as well as with arches, angles, and curved tops in a huge array of colors. Aside from the beauty of design, they are also code approved by the state of Florida and have both hurricane styles and decorative styles available. Additionally, you get financial benefits for having them installed because they meet the insurance requirements for you to get lowered premiums.

With our high-quality installation, you will also notice that they last much longer and provide much more durable protection than you would find with any other type of shutter. As a matter of fact, with our shutters, we are so confident in our products that we provide warranties with them so that you can see how much of a difference it will make in the protection of your home during the storm season.

Simply put, Colonial Hurricane Shutters are standard functional exterior shutters. They hinge on either side of the window opening and swing closed for protection. Colonial hurricane shutters are permanently attached to the building, and can remain open for the most time.

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