All About Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

All About Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane are a concern that Florida residents all have to deal with. One of the most destructive forces during a hurricane are their strong winds, which can blow debris and plants into or even through your windows. This can damage not only your windows, but your home and the safety of your family. It’s important to be proactive and protect your window openings before such an event occurs. Roll down hurricane shutters are a type of hurricane shutter that are easy to install over your preexisting windows, and are relatively inexpensive compared to hurricane impact window. Moreover, these hurricane shutters can fit over different types of windows, unlike hurricane impact windows which can be difficult or impossible to fit into your window frames depending on what kind of window your house originally has. To purchase accordion shutters wholesale in the Miami area, call Exclusive Accordions today! We offer full-service installation and premium prices to protect your home from hurricane winds.


What Are Roll Down Shutters?


Roll down shutters are a kind of hurricane shutter that block high-speed wind pressure and airbourne objects from flying into your windows, doors, or other exposed openings in your home. These shutters are engineered to blend with and compliment your home and come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes so you can have style as well as utility. Hurricane shutters add stability, security, and privacy to your windows, withstanding these winds and also reduce insurance premiums. Though they cost a bit more than regular shutters, they can actually save you money in the long run by helping to prevent hurricane damage. Moreover, these shutters are easy to maintain, and unlike blinds or curtains, don’t need to be replaced often. Roll down shutters can provide amazing security and storm protection for your property. Rolling shutter systems utilize a smooth, manual crank that is easy to operate in the case of a storm or just everyday use. These shutters can also be upgraded to an electronic system so you can close them at the touch of a button!


Rolling shutters can be made of different materials such as aluminum or steel, designed for maximum impact resistance and durability. They can also insulate against sun, storm, heat, noise, and other weather extremes. In fact, hurricane shutters provide much better insulation than blinds or curtains, and can thus reduce your heating and cooling costs. Reinforced track systems can offer strength and maximum shutter width, and different designs can be customized to fit your home.


Roll Down Hurricane Shutters For You


Roll down hurricane shutters can be a great option for anybody living in a hurricane-prone area like Florida. They can add value to your home or business and help with your insurance premium, as they themselves are a form of insurance against strong winds. Moreover, you’ll save money in the long run with their insulation value and easy maintenance.


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