Storm Panels vs. Accordion Shutters for Hurricane Protection

Storm Panels vs. Accordion Shutters for Hurricane Protection

When protecting your home against potential storms, there are many variables to consider. Your ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of your home. If you live anywhere in the state of Florida, you are bound to encounter a hurricane eventually, so it is best to be prepared for it. When you think of storms like the recent Hurricane Irma, which struck South Florida with tremendous force in September 2017, you need to consider the possible damage that may ensue. Us, at Exclusive Accordions, want to make sure that your home and family are protected and kept safe during the next big storm. Our company offers the best storm panels and accordion hurricane shutters that Miami has to offer. Contact us today!


What Option is Better For Your Home?

Preparing for a hurricane can be quite tricky if you are not sure what to look for. Both panels and shutter are useful, but it’s up to you to decide which is a better option. ┬áLuckily, we are here to ensure that you have all the information you need. A question that may be simmering on your mind could be what type of shutter is right for you.


Overall, hurricane shutters are the smartest solution when it comes to storm protection. Many experts will tell individuals who are prone to storms to prepare ahead of time for the worst. If you have your windows protected, you are already a step ahead of the game.


Types of Storm Panels

These types of shutters are usually made up of aluminum or steel. The panels are corrugated into each other to where each piece overlaps the next for maximum strength. There are different kinds of storm panels to choose from.


One style consists of a track and bolts. The top of the shutter is placed into a track that sits above the window, while bolts permanently secure the bottom of the shutter.


Another style uses C-shaped tracks that are placed both above and below the window. Bolts then are slid into the tracks from the side of the shutter and are to be manually aligned with the holes of the panels.


A third style uses only bolts and no track. The bolts permanently secure the shutter to the wall around the window.


Investing in the perfect accordion hurricane shutters for your home is a great way to save yourself the burden of rebuilding after a storm. They are the most inexpensive of permanent shutter options. They are also removable, so when it is not storm season, you can easily store them away. They are not only strong, but they can be versatile to use on doors as well.


We Are Here to Help

Here at Exclusive Accordions, we specialize in finding you the perfect storm panels for your home. Our professionals strive to make sure you get the protection you deserve. We are a full-service company who have a quick turnaround. Visit or contact us today for the best protection Miami, Florida has to offer.

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