How Accordion Shutters Lead To Energy Efficiency

How Accordion Shutters Lead To Energy Efficiency

While protecting your home from hurricanes and severe weather is the most common reason for obtaining accordion shutters Miami residents need to know that they also are a great way to lower your energy bill should you choose to utilize them in an alternative manner. At Exclusive Accordions, we firmly believe that utilizing storm shutters for windows is an untapped market and one that can lead to major cost savings for homeowners. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


Will Storm Shutters Really Lower My Energy Bill?


They most definitely could! If you utilize them daily on area of your home that receive a lot of direct sunlight, this will block the vast majority of the sun’s rays from entering your home. How? The thick, high-quality corrugated metal used by Bertha (our provider of amazing hurricane shutters) is made to resist the harshest of elements. This makes them an ideal solution for keeping the heat and moisture out when closed over a window or door.


In fact, this idea (utilizing storm shutters for windows daily)is one we have been telling our clients about here in South Florida as the weather is quite hot and humid. Energy bills often increase dramatically in the summer as the temperatures can rise to close to 100 degrees. By simply using your accordion shutters to cover the outside of the window, homeowners can see a reduction in their cooling and energy costs. Ideally, all of the windows and door sin a home will have these shutters, but at least for those homes that are two stories or have windows that directly face the sunlight, this can be such a great way to take advantage of the full benefit of your shutters.


What About Cost? Will Storm Shutters For Windows be Expensive?


When you calculate how many years you are in your home, the state of your air conditioner and the Florida climate, it all adds up to one expensive fee. Air conditioners are great, but even the highest capacity A/C will still have trouble cooling your home evenly, especially if you live in a two-story property! While an investment will be needed initially, it is actually not as much as you may think. We have a variety of styles to choose from to keep you in budget and provide you with peace of mind.


It is important that you speak with one of our team members to ensure that we receive the proper measurements and access how many windows to install these on in order to give you a proper quote.


Our focus and mission is to provide the highest quality accordion shutters Miami residents have ever seen for the most reasonable price possible.


Contact Exclusive Accordions Today!


Don’t be shy. Contact us Exclusive Accordions today to receive the best price on your accordion shutters project. Storm shutters for windows can not only protect your property from severe weather and hurricanes, but they can also be utilized all year round (especially in the hot summer months) to reduce your energy bill and allow your air conditioner to not have to work as hard. Contact us today and learn just how affordable these can be.

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